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Puerto Rico and the Origins of U.S. Global Empire: The Disembodied Shade

Charles R. Venator-Santiago

Drawing on a postcolonial legal account of the The State’ sectional progress, this book provides an analysis of the bases of its universal empire. Charles R. Venator-Santiago argues that the The State has developed three custom of sectional...

The Origin and History of Contract in Roman Law: Down to the End of the Republican Period

W. H. Buckler

Originally published in 1895, this book was formed from the Yorke Prize Controversy for 1893. The consideration presents a controversy of the role of contracts in the improvement of Non-criminal law and business down to the wrap up of the R...

Reasons in Defence of the Standing Laws about the Right of Presentation in Patronages: To Be Offered Against an ACT (in Case It Be) Presented for Alteration Thereof; By a Member of Parliament; In a Letter to His Friend in the Country (Classic Reprint)

Francis Grant

Excerpt from Reasons in Defence of the Standing Laws About the Right of Presentation in Clienteles: To Be Offered Against an Act (in Case It Be) Presented for Transformation Thereof, By a Grandstander, In a Letter to His Friend in the Const...

National Labor Relations Board Casehandling Manual: Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings

National Labor Relations Board

The General Legal beagle's Office is pleased to announce this revised edition of the Imperial Labor Affinities Board Casehandling Manual for Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings. This edition incorporates straightforward vocabulary to clarify ...

Grace and Justice on Death Row: The Race against Time and Texas to Free an Innocent Man

Brian W. Stolarz

A Law Post fiction!A chilling and benevolent stare at how close an innocent beau was to being subject to fatality with a proem by Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Beau Walking. What is worse than having a client on Fatality Line in Texa...

Employment Agencies, Recruitment Agencies and Agency Workers: A Practical Guide to the Law

Manus Egan

The aim of this publication is to provide comprehensive coverage of the governance of recruitment agencies, recruiters and agency laborers in a single effort. The Effort is broken into two parts. Part 1 deals with the statutory governance o...

Enrichment at the Claimant's Expense: Attribution Rules in Unjust Enrichment

Eli Ball

This set up presents an explanation of attribution in unjust enrichment. Attribution refers to how and when two parties - a applicant and a litigant - are relevantly connected to each other for unjust enrichment plans. It is reflected in th...

Letter of Intent in International Contracting

Ekaterina Pannebakker

Memorandum of Intent in Intercontinental Contracting provides readers with a unique point of reference on the legal effects of memorandum of intent - the note frequently used in intercontinental transactions. Essentially, the enter takes a ...

The International Criminal Court in Search of its Purpose and Identity

Triestino Mariniello

The Universal Illegal Charm (ICC) is the first permanent universal illegal justice, which has jurisdiction over the most serious crimes of concern to the universal public as a whole: genocide, crimes against humanity, holocausts, and crime ...

Discourse and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Christopher N. Candlin

It is increasingly held that international commercial mediation is becoming colonized by cause. This work streets, in a range of ways and from various locations and sites, those prospects of mediation practice that are considered crucial fo...

The History of the Legislation Concerning Real and Personal Property in England: During the Reign of Queen Victoria

J. E. R. De Villiers

Originally published in 1901, this paperback was formed from content of the Yorke Prize Essay for 1900. The text presents a discussion regarding the history of real and personal property legislation during the reign of Queen Fourwheeler. Th...

Gender and Judicial Education: Raising Gender Awareness of Judges

Ulrike Schultz

Juridical Training has greatly expanded in common law provinces in the past 25 years. More recently it has become a core makings in juridical resolve productions in economically developing country with gender tender loving cares as an eleme...

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